[photogallerylink id=96238 align=left]CRAZY STORY ALERT: TMZ has reported that a man “claiming to be Stevie Wonder’s nephew has been charged with attempting to extort the singer by threatening to go to the tabloids and say he’s the product of an incestuous relationship between Stevie and Stevie’s sister,” UNLESS Wonder paid him big bucks…(what people do for money.)

Alpha Lorenzo Walker, the acclaimed nephew, was arrested on May 2nd after getting caught in a “sting operation.”

Law enforcement sources have told TMZ that Walker, “initially demanded $5 million from Stevie but was shut down and eventually lowered his demand to $10,000.”


TMZ continues to report that undercover police officers, “met Walker, claiming to be Stevie’s reps who had the cash, but demanded that he first sign a document which included a statement that his accusations were false. Walker signed, and he was promptly arrested.”

Obviously the incest allegations were totally false. Why would Walker go through all that COMPLICATED trouble for some cash? and think he could get away with it? Who knows…


Walker and his girlfriend have been charged with “felony extortion.” He isin custody, being held on $60,000 bail, after pleading not guilty…


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