The Wanted have gotten a reputation lately for being smack talkers, but did you know they’re also potty mouths? While the guys were in New York City they sat down with CBS Local to talk British slang — the good, the bad, and the very dirty.

We asked them to define a variety of terms, some of which are quite NSFW (ask your minky) and some which only sound dirty to Americans (what is a punter?)

The Wanted’s Brit Slang Glossary:

Gobbing — spitting
Tom Parker says, “I think girls spitting is pretty rank. We encourage males to gob all day long.” But Nathan Sykes adds, “Just not on us.” Max George says, “I prefer a swallower than a gobber.”

Minky — what little girls call their lady bits
Siva Kaneswaran says, “Is that like ‘stinky minky’?” Jay McGuinness clarifies, “Before [young girls] do sex ed, they call it flower or minky. You could never say…’Oh, I smashed her minky.’ It’d be like, ‘Ugh, what was she five?'”

C***-Up — mess up
The things the boys had to say about this term were too NSFW to show you.

Chuffed — happy
Jay explains, “I know the American equivalent. Stoked.”

Slapper — lady of loose morals
Nathan politely puts it as, “The sort of girl you wouldn’t take home to your mum.” But Jay is less reserved, calling a slapper a, “sleeps around, whorish, slut t****. She acts like a prostitute but she doesn’t take cash.” Okay then!

Toff — upper class, rich person
Tom says, “The Queen’s a toff.”

Punter — a regular
Jay translates this word for the 21st century, calling them, “A real life version of an online subscriber.”

Fanny — lady bits
The boys use a variety of Brit slang to describe this one, including minky and minge. Max delights in saying, “Stinky minky, sometimes pinky.” So now you know why Americans and their fanny packs are so hilarious to the Brits. And Max would like to compliment your lovely fanny.

Rat Arsed — wasted, drunk
Nathan carefully clarifies that this does not mean sticking any animals in your person for sexual pleasure. This inspires Tom to inquire, “Wasn’t there a rumor that Richard Gere did that once?”

Gusher — a seismic event that sometimes occurs when a woman experiences extensive pleasure
For the record, Nathan asked to add this to our list of slang terms, because he’d asked around the night before and been told it didn’t translate in America. Some ladies explained to him that we have a candy filled with fruit juices called Gushers. After some deliberation on how to explain it, Jay said, “When a man and a woman love each other…literally. She experiences an explosion of…” Tom interjected to save them all by saying, “Fruit juices.”

Now we completely understand how Nathan’s 19th birthday party was at the Playboy Mansion.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local – Video by The Shaltzes


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