[photogallerylink id=113314 align=left]The question, “When will it stop?” has been viciously circulating the country for the past couple weeks. Trayvon Martin’s murder has caused an outrage. A black teen, coupled with a hoodie. Up to no good, right? Wrong. As this case has been roaring through the streets of social media, another BRUTAL racist murder has occurred, but the media has chosen to brush it off…

32 year old, Shaima Alawadi, had just moved to San Diego from living in Michigan a few weeks prior to her murder. The mother of five young children; the eldest of the five is only 17 years old and found her mother’s body brutally beaten with a tire iron, in her OWN HOME. Her mother’s head laying in a pool of blood with a note next to it reading, “Go back to your country, you terrorist.”

A few days prior, a similar note was found on her door step; however, the family brushed it off as a “prank.” This is understandable because there have been numerous Muslim residences that have received such “pranks” in the past years. It’s part of the reality of being a Muslim in America today. We all know racism isn’t dead, so there’s no need to be shy about speaking of the racist crimes…

Nonetheless, this past Wednesday morning was the last morning Shaima Alawadi would kiss her husband and children goodbye as they left to work and school. A mere couple hours later, she was attacked in the comfort of her new home, receiving numerous, nearly fatal blows by a TIRE IRON.

The irony of the hate note next to her limp body caused my stomach to churn. Although her attacker called her a “terrorist,” I wonder if he/she knew that Shaima’s husband had previously worked for the U.S. Army alongside “private contractors serving as cultural advisors for soldiers who are to be deployed to the Middle East,” as the Huffington Post reports.

Oh, the irony…that the “terrorists” were in fact a family who was HELPING the U.S. War on Terror!

When the mother arrived at the hospital, doctors had little hope for her survival. Shaima was taken off of life support just days later, and died this past Saturday.

As for the San Diego police, they are only looking at the “possibility” of this being a “hate crime” and they “don’t want to focus on only one issue and miss something else.”

I mean, really?

Watch the Video of Shaima’s 17-year-old daughter’s reaction to her mother’s murder:

So you tell me, we have a 17-year old black boy in a hoodie who was murdered, yet the killer was released…and a 17-year old girl in a hijab (Muslim headscarf) who finds her mother’s body mutilated in their own home…Is it a question why people don’t report such “pranks” like hate notes? Is it a question that racism still exists? Are these hate crimes? Do the two murder victims deserve justice?

I don’t know about you BUT those questions were easy for me to answer. So why are such crimes being treated so lightly???

Thousands wore #HoodiesForTrayvon. I want people to wear #HijabsForShaima, too. I did both (refer to photograph above). #HijabsNHoodies. #RIPTrayvon #RIPShaima #RIPJustice.

Noor Tagouri

Comments (2)
  1. Ben Smith says:

    I cried seeing this massacre! God help us all !!

  2. Somayyah says:

    Great article Noor! The word definitely needs to get out and all this hate and injustice needs to come to an end. RIP to Trayvon, Shaima, Troy Davis and the many more who have fallen at the cost of injustice.

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