Since the murder, many cities in the US have rallied together in support of one family who lost [pullquote quote=”It is hypocritical to get mad when a white man kills me but not get mad when a black man kills me…” credit=”Participant at Justice Rally for Trayvon Marton-DC”]their teenage son due to senseless violence. DC is no exception. But the question is, will the Trayvon Martin case be yet another rally/ protest/ movement that fades in popularity?

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With high-profile individuals like Will Smith, Wyclef Jean and Wu-tang (to name a few) commenting and demanding justice, this murder case has become a media frenzy. However, are we over looking a few things? We live in a violent society where things like reality TV fights, violent video games and movies rein supreme.  

(Violence in reality TV)

So what makes the Trayvon case so special- it’s televised- it’s real and it brings a number of issues to the fore front. For example, racism, bullying and abuse of authority. A group of young ladies decided that here in the Nations Capital we should stand up for Trayvon’s injustice but as Tony Redz brought up, why only stand after tragedy strikes?

(PG county MD police brutality case 2010)

Why are we not focusing on preventing rather then dealing with? If you have children or can one day imagine yourself with one- don’t be quick to whisper racial slurs and then turn around and call someone else racist, don’t wait to discipline your child after s/he commits a violent act. The change doesn’t start with the government it starts with you. So ask your self today what you can do to save a life tomorrow?

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  1. B. BLUNT says:




    Somebody’s Baby ©2012
    Written, Arranged, Performed and Produced by B. Blunt

    Trayvon Martin your life made me write
    as tears roll down my cheek and fight the urge
    to imagine my son in your plight
    I feel like the Sharif in Menace It’s not right
    Opens up old wounds
    Makes me think about all the tombs
    Where we use to pour brews
    The kind of pain that leaves more than a bruise
    make you wanna go cruise
    With the tool to find dude…

    But I can only imagine the pain
    I don’t even ever want to imagine it again
    Cause it hurts so bad
    Early on a Saturday morning, and I’m sad
    Cause this is just one case
    God rest his soul, he was just one face
    That represents kids all across the USA
    who catch bullets with their bodies everyday
    Youngins bodies get rocked and aint nobody shocked
    Outline him in chalk, don’t nobody get caught?
    The kids are who we sposed to protect
    No arrest, we sposed to forget?

    I feel so blessed just to hug my babies
    And I regret that somebody’s baby… WOO!
    Everytime somebody’s baby

    Since when is right to bring a gun
    to a fist fight, whole life gone overnight
    Man its like if you scared of me then it’s ok to shoot me
    Follow me around my neighborhood like a groupie
    This song is dedicated to the Fathers and Mothers
    Who tried their best to raise good sons good brothers
    He was just another, but it wont be in vain
    Now Trayvon Martin is more than a name
    Its a name that represents a life
    missing from all future family portraits
    hearts tortured wishing they could bring him back for a day
    even if just one day, can you imagine the things they’d say
    The kids are who we sposed to protect
    No arrest, we sposed to forget?
    I feel so blessed just to hug my babies
    And I regret everytime that somebody’s baby… WOO!
    That was somebody’s baby

     Reference to the unsolved murder of Charles “Chuck” Marsh in front of Oxon Hill High School in 1995.

    This song is dedicated to the many mother’s and father’s who loose their sons to gun violence EVERYDAY!

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