What Usher’s New Song “Climax” REALLY Means!

[photogallerylink id=75310 align=left]At first listen Usher’s new song “Climax,” seems a little….suggestive. However, the singer has let us know that the meaning of his song is a little deeper than what meets the ear.

In an interview with V-103’s Bryan Cameron Usher explained that, “It’s odd that people really only view ‘Climax’ as a sexual song, it’s not even about sex. It’s really about the ultimate experience or lack thereof. Or the finale of an experience of love and life. When you’re in a relationship…and it has kind of reached the climax of where it can go, you gotta let it go if you are not going to commit.”

Although “sex” isn’t what Usher intended as the main message of the song, he does admit that it slithers into the song itself, “Of course, there is sex in ‘Climax,'” he said. “But it is not just about sex. The sexy tone and the falsetto will make you think that. That’s the double entendre of how music works. Its not about sex its about the out of control experience when a person reached the peak of that experience.”

“Climax” was released on Valentines Day as a single for Usher’s seventh studio album, due out later this year!

Sunni And The City


One Comment

  1. marvetta lewis-brown says:

    I’m pleased usher made clarification on this songs title. I GOT IT the moment i heard it. BRAVO USHER! I’m a supporter for LIFE!

  2. coco says:

    If you know your literary terminology then the definition of climax is reaching the highest point of something. This song is clever and anyone can sing it. Its not suggestive. One of the better clean songs I’ve been able to fathom in a long time.

  3. billybryant says:

    Thank u for leting me get this song because i like it so can u sens in to my lirbary please and thank u and god bless you

  4. ashelee says:

    my mom keeps telling ” Im surprised that you like a song about sex ” I keep telling her its just about climaxing sexually , geeezz old geezer lol love you mom >.>

  5. mia<3you usher! says:

    I love usher! He isn’t dirty minded. He’s a really special guy. His voice is just simply amazing. I wish I knew him in person….. Climax… An amazing song. At first hearing yeah it sounded like sex but even before reading this I dug down deep and found his true meaning for it. I LOVE YOU USHER. If you ever happen to read this just know that I love you and your music soooo much!!! That is my signature on my phone. I love You. :* muahhzz
    We’vE ReAChED THe CliMaX ❤

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