[photogallerylink id=100320 align=left]An advertisement at the Orange Line Clarendon station that tells President Obama to “go to hell,” is stirring up controversy. According to WJLA, Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) is calling for the removal of the advertisement.

Moran wrote a letter to WMATA General Manager Richard Sarles asking for the removal of the ad.

“This ad is deeply disrespectful of the President of the United States and does not belong in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority network,” Moran wrote in the letter.

The advertisement is related to the controversy that has erupted over health care.

The exact wording on the advertisement is:

“Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system, go to hell Barack.”

WJLA reports that “the Democratic congressman then went on to say that while he understands that WMATA should display ads, even those that are political, ‘minimum standards of decency must be maintained through a vetting process.'”

“I assume such a process exists, but surely this ad does not meet those standards,” Moran said. “It’s not about politics, it’s about appropriateness.”

To read Moran’s entire letter read, HERE!

Moran was not the only one who was against the advertisement.

WJLA has quotes from others:

“It is very disrespectful. You can find other ways to do it more politely,” said rider Shanelle Dorham.

“I wish they would say who actually put the ad up. Put your name on it,” said rider Rich Hinman.

A Metro spokesperson said the ad cannot be removed because it is “protected political speech.” The following is a statement from the transit agency:

WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their political content.

Comments (8)
  1. dwayne says:

    This blatant disrespect of our President is getting ridiculous! That’s why the bitch ass in charge of the ad won’t put his name on it.

  2. Danita says:

    Freedom of speech? Political views are one thing but when we start using profanity to express ourselves to the public that is disrespectful. The person or group does not have to agree with President Obama but they can oppose him a little more eloquently.

  3. Freedom of Speech Only Goes But So Far. If you can’t say “F&*( Barack”…or “Kiss My Ass Barack” in an Ad then guess what? You shouldn’t be able to put “Go To Hell Barack” in an Ad in a public transportation system as well…..it’s all the same…..you’re either going to have standards or not WMATA!! Letting an AD like that stay up pretty much says you can use the other examples I gave in an AD as well and call it Freedom Of Speech. REALLY WMATA?? REALLY?????

  4. To put it ever politely “what goes around, comes around” or Karma. My reply to the person putting that ad is that that person should go to hell him or herself.

  5. Dionne Via says:

    I think the guy that had it put up there should b reprimanded by secret service. If it happened to Bush he would have sent someone into metro to remove it. I think if Metro wants the government to help them financially they need to respect our USA president. If Metro handled their money right the governments wouldn’t have to help them. And your not telling me metro doesn’t make a profit! They LIE! And if they would do preventative maintence on the metro system, they wouldn’t have to keep replacing parts every year! Take down the ad Metro!

  6. Ann says:

    Blatant disrespect!!!! How do you tell the Commander In Chief to go to “hell” first and foremost but, then to address him by his first name!!!!!! You can’t even go in a court room and address a judge by their first name. This is insanity all fueled by race!!!! White men believe they are entitled to the “White House” how dare this black hold this elitist position. They have shown disrespect towards him, his wife and their children. Who would called the First Lady Mrs. YoMama and wish his kid would be fatherless??? Republican O’Neil did and had to issue an apology. Apologize for what, when you know that’s exactly how you feel. How can you represent only!!! You clearly have race issue. There isn’t a superior race we are all equal.

  7. Sue says:

    These other posters must all use public transportation. What a surprise they support the president. Well, I say kudos to the ad, and where else can I purchase ad space for the same message?

    1. Jacquelyn McClaud says:

      See, comments and ignorance go hand in hand! How do you know the previous posters support President Obama? Did you stand in line and vote for them? Regardless of how you feel about the President, you know down in your heart it is blatantly disrespectful! I am not trying to make it a black or white issue, but it’s ridiculous! I do not say kudos to the add and I am not even in the DMV! People are killing me with their racism and hatred towards a man who is trying!

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