[video] Mother Charged With Cruelty After Getting Her 10-Year-Old Son Tattooed!

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A mother said her 10-year-old son wanted to honor his older brother with a tattoo after he died two years ago. She let her son get the tattoo and was arrested and charged with cruelty. Please watch this video then leave a comment.

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  1. rob says:

    I feel as though she should not have been charged for the very simple fact that he needed her consent to get the tattoo anyway. Im sure she signed the legal document stating that he can get the tattoo and stating she gives her parental consent. Wut typ of world have we turned into? Should not be charged.

    1. WATEVA!! says:

      She shouldnt be charged???? REALLY???!!!!! Whether she knew the law or not, the CHILD in question in NO WAY should be getting a TATTOO!!! At this point I ask ” What is this world coming to”, when a PARENT thinks a 10 YR OLD should be getting a tattoo. If there is ANYONE who believes A CHILD SHOULD GET A TATTOO, you are seriously messed up. YOU got pictures, locket, charms that you can have a picture etched on…..Ppl nowadays r on some childish, vanity type mess, we r headed nowhere good real fast. Im glad I raised my children, cuz u all out here…!!!! SO I guess then yall r okay with kids in dreads and braids, jeans sagging around their hips and thighs….and all that other mess that kids r into today. All the reckless they having and everything else they doing that folks like urselves condone…..

  2. LilOne86 says:

    I dont think she should have gotten arrested. If she did, did the tattoo artist and the establishment get in trouble as well?

  3. kim6 says:

    I think if that mother is charged the person who did the tattoo should be charged as well. The mother may not have known the law but the person who did should know the law. If you really want to protect children get at some of those pedaphiles out there.

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