113398983 Meet Osama Bin Ladens Mistress Kola Boof Who Is Speaking Out...
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This is a lengthy read so brace yourself. According to a post from Necole Bitchie, Osama Bin Laden had a mistress (Kola Boof) who is now speaking out and giving all the details about Osama’s life.

See Kola Boof’s picture here!

Kola Boof is a figure who has been in the internationally popular news media headlines many times but who still remains a mystery to many. It was only when the Egyptian/Sudanese-American award-winning novelist, poet, television writer and activist spoke openly and candidly about her love affair with terrorist Osama bin Laden that she gained the most notoriety. A few years ago, she published a book titled “Diary of a Lost Girl: The Autobiography of Kola Boof” in which she claims that though her relationship with bin Laden began after he met her at a restaurant and later raped her the first night they met, she carried on a lengthy affair with him, becoming a trusted guard over his soldiers and accompanied him on many personal and professional trips.

With the recent death of bin Laden, to whom she affectionately calls “Somi,” Kola took to The Daily Voice to share her thoughts on the man she calls “a monster, a genius, a poet, a racist woman-basher and a very passionate, deeply sensitive confused being.” She speaks candidly on one of the most elusive men in world history, her relationship with his “head wife,” and being vilified by the American press; while claiming that though she was the first to give facts about bin Laden such as his men using cell phones, his marijuana gardens and obsession with Western culture (including his obsession with Whitney Houston), she was ignored and now people are finding out that they were true.

She ends the lengthy piece with, “In Any Mansion…It is the Maids and The Whores That Know The Most.”

Read the rest of the story on Necole Bitchie!


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