7 Year Old Gets Plastic Surgery To Stop Bullying!

bully 4 11 7 Year Old Gets Plastic Surgery To Stop Bullying!

We are fully aware that bullying has gotten completely out of control, but how far should a kid go to stop the teasing?   Statistics show the number of teens and children having plastic surgery has gone up 30% over the past decade.  Seven year old Samantha Shaw went so far as to have plastic surgery on her ears to “prevent future bullying,” says her mom.

Read this personal story of a WPGC Employee who was bullied.


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  1. Rose Cora Perry says:

    No matter how flawless, accomplished, or beautiful one appears to be as a person (inside and out), people will still find reasons to cut you down. In fact, one could argue that the MORE you’ve got going for you, the MORE you will actually end up becoming a target of cruelty purely based on the fact that it seems people are increasingly insecure these days and instead of being mature about their feelings acknowledging that they have areas to work on, they’d rather lash out with jealousy.

    We can protect those we love all we want, but at some point they will have to realize the world is a very hard place. I was an ugly kid. I wore baggy jeans and overalls, didn’t always brush my hair, took pleasure in jumping in mud puddles, even got mistaken for a boy on several occasions – BUT I was a KID. Worrying about superficial things such as being a beauty queen at seven should NOT ever become a “normal” concern. Not only did this mother fail in teaching her child that there are more important things in life than her aesthetic appeal, but by going public with her daughter’s insecurities, I’d put money on it that MORE bullying NOT less will result as a consequence.

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