108838201 Evelyn Lozada Wants 20K Per Episode Or Shes Leaving Basketball Wives

According to TMZ, Evelyn Lozada is demanding $20,000 per episode if they want her to continue on Basketball Wives Season 3. We reported earlier that she wanted to quit the show after Season Finale aired because she felt that the producers leaked sensitive information about her to another cast member in hopes of inciting a violent confrontation between the two women.

According to a source, other cast members pull in around $7,500 per episode.

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Comments (18)
  1. LO says:

    LET HER A** GO!! GOOD BYE!!!

  2. LO says:


  3. Scooch says:

    Ummmmm…..shouldn’t this trick be a “Football Wife” now?? She’s as much a Football Wife as she ever was a BBall Wife! Amazing…..why do people get paid this much to act a fool??

  4. keyna says:

    she’s not all that important… let her go.. why should she get more than the rest of them.. shes “engaged” to Ochocinco! Plus why should she get paid more than the creator of the show?? (Shaunie)

  5. over it says:

    Keep tami and get rid of her. Let’s see how Jenn relate now that she will be gone. She not worth not its reality TV not a movie. Chick sit down some where… She dont know what forgiveness is. One day she will make a mistake and want some forgiveness and when its not givine to her i want her to remember how she treated those other ladies on the show…Get at her Royce and Tami

    1. over it says:

      FYI she wasnt a wife any way….Eat some chicken, lil chicken head

    2. DANETTE says:

      thats whats up. im with u on that!!!

  6. amanda noble says:

    She is not all that she is a hoe and a trouble maker. She’s nothing she like kids not even men the show should be called something else none of them was married why is it called basketball wives

  7. Unknown says:

    Let Her Go!!!!! There’s enough drama where she won’t be missed!

  8. Treena says:

    Get her fake hood A** off the show. She needs to go to Football Wives. You know if she leaves Jenn is going to have to leave as well because she acts like Evelyn’s flunky anyway. I would not miss her trampish A** at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. DANETTE says:

      u said a mouth full!!!

  9. kevin says:

    Doesn’t always pay to be a B*#&!

  10. Frances says:

    Evelyn ISSSSSS Basketball wives you idiots..the show is only interesting becasue of her and all her good quotes like “B***h you are not a factor!” “boo, boo” and “b***h please” lol that girl is halarious and EVELYN do not let peop,e get you down they wish they were in your shoes!! Take this opportunity and run with it!!

    1. rob says:

      You must be another unemployed chicken head trying to get an easy check.lol

  11. Rebone404 says:


  12. whaeva says:

    I look at it this way…Evelyn is one of the people who make the show successful! What I like about her is not only is she sexy, she don’t take no bull shyt. A lot of it is real but most of all It’s entertainment and I love the show! So Evelyn reconsider. If u ask for 20,000 everybody will want the samething. To me you are very beautiful lady & also entertaining so don’t leave. Don’t be so demanding. Think about it Charlie Sheene didn’t get his way and look how big he is?

  13. DANETTE says:

    evelyn is nasty

  14. rob says:

    That chick is the optime of what I hate about all these ho**. GET A JOB and make something of yourself. disgusting

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