rapist mom 11 year old Gang Raped by 18 men, whose fault is it?

One of the mothers of the 18 suspects accused of gang raping a middle school 11-year-old girl last November, has come forth and made some even fierce accusations. Wait til you hear who she said is at fault.

This story in itself is a messy situation. The young girl was gang raped by 18 or more men. The sad part of it all, one of the suspects mothers’ says it’s not her sons fault. It should be partially the victim’s mother is to blame! Why? Well as per the other mother stated that a mom should know where their children “be at”. To add insult to injury, she says the girl lied about her age. She told people she was 17 and she dressed very provocative. WTF! NO excuse.

So if she would have told her real age, then that would justify that she should still be raped? Oh yeah lady, why is your son a rapist anyway? He turned himself in. Still no reason for 18 of these guys to mortify, destroy and ruin the 11-year-old girl! Did you know where he was “at” when he was committing this heinous act? I’ll wait!

That’s why people need to just keep hush . Stop trying to play judge, jury and Judas. Clearly all of these parents are going to have a heavy problem on their hands. This young girl is scarred for life. I do not condone this behavior. I would throw them all in jail. I’m disgusted. This is just my MOpinion.

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Comments (22)
  1. ashley duncan says:

    she need to go to jail right along with her son…so if she got gangraped would it be her fault

  2. lynn london says:

    this is truly disturbing, i have a 12 yr old and dressing provacative or not knowing were she is at all times is a sad excuse for these (rapist in training) boys to behave, im outraged i kan only pray the lil gurl find some way (higher power) to overcome this, its terrible, everybody should get what they deserve, one way or the other…

  3. ashley says:

    what!!! she is crazy her dang self…wish i would come through this computer and smack the hell out of her! she was wanted to be seen.. she just mad thing look even worse for her son..just shouldve kept quiet like the other parents.. THERE IS NO EXPLANATION FOR 18 MEN TO RAPE 1 GIRL.. LET ALONE AN 11YEAR OLD..#SICKCREEPS

    1. Trina says:

      18 men should rape her behind. How in the world do you fix your mouth to say something like that? What about the fact that she is raising a rapist.

  4. Trina says:

    Why are they trying to blame the victim she can come out her house naked if she wants to dressing provocatively has nothing to do with rape so are they saying she asked for it this outrageous

  5. PENNIE says:

    this is sick and I feel so sry for that little girl which she is and there is no excuse for this crap. NO MEANS NO!!!! that poor girl will have to have tons of therapy to have a normal relationship later in life. God Bless that girl and her family

  6. ttyme says:

    See -this mother right there is exactly why that boy was involved in this heinous incident! That “my-child-is-never-wrong!” syndrome – despite the evidence! She is the type of mother that, if her son did something wrong and got in trouble in school, would tear down a whole school – not to whip her son’s behind, but to let the staff and faculty know in no certain terms that her son was no at fault! It is always somebody’s else’s fault huh? Even though the evidence lies squarely with your son! Lady PLEASE!!! How about your son enjoy a train of 39 (double the number that raped the girl) while he is in prison, huh? How about, since he is not at fault – and you don’t think he should be on trial – YOU be gang raped? Apparently, you find it at all justifiable – which it is NEVER, you may not seem to mind. Go somewhere, sit down and shut up – keep your mouth shut like the rest of the parent!

    1. Name says:

      Say again. She probably didn’t hear you

  7. Ashley says:

    Who cares if she was 18 30 or 50 RAPE IS RAPE dumb b***h

  8. Name says:

    They should have the same thing done to them in jail. I hope some of the prisoners in the jail where they are sees this and take care of the situation. So one deserves to treated like that no matter what she said her age was, what she was wearing or the fact that her mom didn’t know where she was at. This situation deserves an eye for an eye treatment. Toss their salads guys!!!

  9. Karenia says:

    WOW, ignorance is a very sad thing !!, so sad that a seemingly grown woman would attempt to blame the girl, despite her age or how she dressed, WTH gives anyone the right to rape someone? & then for 18 guys ??? like who is raising these boys?? Sad that in the hood, there’s a certain “metality” & it becomes a cycle of ignorance ! i pray for that young girl , & those guys that did that & those that allowed it to happen !! so sad, even if she lied bout her age its STILL no excuse to rape !!

  10. shanae says:

    why didnt the girl go and tell the 1st time she was “raped”? no one wuld have never known if there wasnt a video going around, maybe it wasnt rape, maybe she had her own agenda going on.

  11. kEISHA says:

    This ignorant mama not mother should have known where her son was. She should have also teach him that if you are going to have sex with a girl make sure who old she is and not to be having group sex.

    I know that girls and women lie about their age but everyone has to be hold accountable. If it was her daughter what would she say then.

    Also, we as humans need to learn how to be respectful and when a suitation like this happens, don’t try to put blame on the people before all the facts are bought to light.

  12. Trina says:

    She needs rehab and he needs to be castrated.

  13. Patricia says:

    whatever time her simply ass son gets, she should help him do the time for her childish comment.

  14. Jane says:

    Does any of these mothers with rapist sons have any daughters?

  15. concerned parent says:

    How in the world are you even going to say that its the victims mothers fault? How did you raise your son? Respect and morals was obviously left out somewhere. This girl is a child!!!!! How would you feel if the roll was reversed and you son at 11 was the one being raped? At 18 he should know right from wrong and if he doesn’t which is also obvious who’s fault is that? Can the blame be put on you as his mother? Accountability…… He is just a sick, twisted kid…………

  16. courtney says:

    every last one of them should be and probably will be raped when they get to prison. Especially when the ones already on the inside find out why they are there. As for the mom of the one guy, somebody should have put a muzzle on her and slapped the s*@t out of her. Really and truly sad.

  17. Drew says:

    This is a really sad situation…and the mother had a point about the child’s parents being held responsible but to excuse her own child..WTF… I don’t know if it was actual rape or not(forced sex/The media hypes things) but it was definitely statutory rape and its good that her son was able to take responsibility where his mother could not. BTW for all of you that want him to get raped in jail and be put under the jail… He does have to get out.. and all these wished experiences may make this boy a murder when he gets out.. and then instead of sexing your daughter, he kills your family..jail is punishment and reform not torture.. I have a niece and I would be upset if anything happen to her.. but I am not one to wish worst on the assailant.. I hope that he can find the morals and respect for women his mother failed at imparting in him

  18. teeaira says:

    thats very hurtful to hear when i am 11 years old now lets why my mom do not let me walk anymore im so sorry about that girl

  19. Ejones says:

    It doesnt matter what she wore. She could have been butt *** naked, they still have no right to touch her.

  20. Theresa parks says:

    Come on now A 11 year old little girl, I dont care what she says or whatever she had on. Theres no excuse for what these men(boys) , they knew they were messing with a little girl. Once she started having a conversation with these guys, they can’t say they did’nt hear her age in her mind nor her voice. These guys are sick! They need to do life in prison.nothing is that little girls fault. shes just a baby. May God bless her in the name of jesus. I think a mom should always know where her 11 year old is at all times! If not, theres nothing wrong with looking for your child.hopefully shes in a safe place now.

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