untitled1 Basketball Wives Season Finale Fight: Evelyn vs. Tammi

In case you missed the Basketball Wives Season 2 Finale last night…well you missed a huge fight! What else is new! Chad OchoCinco’s finance Evelyn admitted to sleeping with Tammi’s ex-husband (NBA player Kenny Anderson) while Tammi and Kenny were still married, but that’s not what started the fight. Tammi wasn’t surprised that Evelyn slept with her husband… she tweeted last night “WHO HASN’T?”… Evelyn called Tammi “insignificant b*tch” and all hell broke loose…


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  1. BERNITA says:


    1. Dee says:

      I totally have to agree.

  2. T says:

    i never watched the show but i just watched the video and from the little i saw….. Evelyn said she didn’t know Tammi was married to Kenny when she had a relationship with him, but when she found out who she was and that they were getting to become friends she should have told her about the relationship.
    and then to add salt to the wound to then come out and say that she was insignificant was wrong. she was his wife she was a very significant part in that relationship.

    1. Darlene says:

      see thats what im saying evelyn is just messy. and she has no morals.

  3. Darlene says:

    Evelyn needs to be ashamed of her self sleeping around with all these diffrent guys and recking homes. she and jennifer need to get a life and stop beging so messie you go tamie you should have whooped her *** she was lucky you could’t really get to her.

  4. Dr. Dre says:

    Yes, Evelyn is very messy, and always talking about how she was always worried about other BI*****, when she and Antione were together, but she is one of those BI*****. Regardless if she didn’t know that Tammi was the wife, she knew he was married. Evelyn will always be a side chick and she will not be significant to anyone unfortunately. That’s why Antione didn’t marry her, becasue guys talk just as much as women. She has a reputation.

  5. Steve says:

    Tammi should have voiced what was on her mine , but left it at that. Evelyn weather you like her or not is jus during her, even if she do operate on a don’t ,ask don’t tell concept.

  6. TamOK says:

    WoW!! The only person lower than ‘Evelyn’ is ‘Shani’. From day ONE, Shani was trying to make Evelyn & Tammi become friends. She knows has sleezy Evelyn is and how ghetto Tammi is. Anyone with eyes could see the would never be real friends.

    And now for Shani to tell Evelyn to tell her right then and there. In public. At a party. After she just proclaimed her dying friendship to all of them, especially Evelyn…just goes to show how messy Shani is. Her life is miserable so she wants everyone else to be the same.

    Shame on you Shani for not being a better friend to Tammi or shanky Evelyn.

    Evelyn, I’m glad everyone sees the kind of person you really are – a trashy groupie!!

    1. OhMyGodYes says:

      Nah, Shani is not messy, she is on her paper. This is her show. I finale would not be a REAL finale without a big ending. Anybody with a real brain would know that that was not the place or time for that confession but Eveleyn did it anyways and Shani just sat back and watched the ratings go sky high. She gave them a platform to showcase their drama but nobody put a gun to their heads. So Boo-ya!

  7. kristina says:

    If I was Tami, I would of mopped the floor with that grimmy B%^&*!!!. That is why I aint on that show. But don’t get me wrong I love the show. But I new Evelyn had grimmy dirty ways with her. She thimks her S#%$ don’t stink. Well Evelyn I can smell it over hurrrr. DIRTY GAL!!!

  8. TripleDarkness says:

    Evelyn wanted to shame Tammi nationally. Vendictive women all possess the same personality traits and characteristics. Evelyn used the airing of Basketball wives for ratings (money) and the fact of her jealously for this woman, that’s why she didn’t tell Tammi such heartbreaking news in private. Greed motivated this snake. Believe me! She knew she was married to that man…. Shauney is questionable too because even if she didn’t know, when she found out, her comments about Tammi, after the fight, didn’t sound like a genuine friend to me.

  9. Juanita says:

    Yeah. Evelyn shouldn’t have said Tammi was an insignificant b*tch. Evelyn is a hoe and think her shtt don’t stink. She would sleep with anybody’s man. I wouldn’t be surprise that Evelyn slept with Shaq or that ugly Eric. Jen’s man. Evelyn slept with Chad on their first date. Evelyn is shady. How can Jen come to Evelyn defends when she got mad at the Spanish chick for sleeping with her man. Jen said everyone knew that Eric was married too. Any who? It makes great TV.

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