UH oh…What did Lil’ Wayne say now?

cb UH oh...What did Lil Wayne say now?

Ok, so I got a few taps on my shoulder in regards to a comment that Lil’ Wayne said about Chris Brown during the video shoot “Look at me now”.   Wanna know what he said? Ustream was popping last night. Chris Brown, Lil’ Wayne, and Busta Rhymes. A slew of dancers, color contacts, and a comment that may have been taken out of context.

Weezy F. Baby said, “It’s a crazy video right now we shooting. Chris got a billion people dancing. He got these crazy contacts in. I would’ve put them in too, but I’m straight.”

With that being said, many bloggers and nay sayers are tryna say that Weezy implied CB may be one of the “KIDS”. If so I’m not mad. But from my knowledge and being formerly a part of Cash Money, I honestly think that Wayne saying “I’m straight”, is just confirmation that he’s cool with it, but all that isn’t his style for his demographic. He wasn’t bashing Chris in no way. In my MOpinion.

So do you think the comment has been taken the wrong way? Banter.

photo courtesy: Vallery Jean/getty images


One Comment

  1. L.Bailey says:

    Why would he imply that Chris Brown is gay …Ppl please “ugh’

  2. Jacquelyn McClaud says:

    SMH! No, he( Lil Wayne) was saying “he straight” meaning he’s good! Slang terms…that is all!

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