lanceeva2 Lance Gross Says Women Arent Looking To Build Relationships

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The very sexy actor, Lance Gross, took to Vibe Magazine to speak on his views on relationships and how he feels women aren’t willing to build relationships with their mate like in the old days. He speaks on much more…

I definitely see a difference in generations and I’ve talked about it before because with my failed engagement I kind of lost hope for a minute. It took a while but I’m just really getting over that but it has something to do with the generation. We’re raised differently as far as not by our parents but just the times that we’re growing up in. It’s all about flash and what you can do for me. It’s not about building together anymore. Usually if you ask a woman what she wants in a man the first thing is he’s gotta have a good job, he’s gotta have his own car, he has to be able to take care of me, it’s not about building together anymore. What if he was dead broke and you were dead broke but you guys built an empire together. It’s just different. We have different morals now.

He also talks about being picked on in school and what he looks for in women…

On being picked on in school

[I was picked on] because I was dark-skinned, my last name, I always used to smile a lot, stuff like that. Really, the same things that they picked on me for, it kind of evolved into something that makes me popular.

On what he is looking for in a women

I just like a woman that could reinvent herself, like just have the confidence to try different things whether it be her style or it’s weird, I feel like I have to be obsessed with the woman for it to work. I want to be obsessed with my girl because if it’s like that then we gonna be aight. And she’s gotta be intelligent, be able to hold a good conversation not just what did you do today. I want to talk about politics, I want to talk about what’s going on in the world.

I understand what he’s saying about building relationships. Most people would rather have it all right then and there than to work for it with their mate. Good stuff!!!

What do you think about what Lance had to say???


Comments (5)
  1. Mz Phoenix says:

    I totally agree with Lance. I was just talking to someone yesterday about this. Its hard for me to find a man who is willing to build with you. I’m on the road to making something of myself but its like all these people in my generation think about is what do you have, and what can you do for me NOW. That is why marriages don’t have longevity. The faster you put a building up the faster it will come down and the more flaws it will have. When you take your time with something it will stand the test of time. Think about it like antique furniture vs. modern furniture. The new stuff is made cheaply and in a rush, with not so much detail. It will fall apart in a heartbeat. Antique furniture is more sturdy, takes more time to put together, more detail and will last you almost forever.

  2. Drew says:

    He is exactly right. Todays women don’t want to build anything. They are unwilling to put in the work to make things work.

  3. Sunshine says:

    What happens when it’s the other way around? I’ve been finding way too many men don’t want to bulid. We are we women who are willing to “bulid” do? I was raised to believe that it’s important to bulid a solid foundation first not just rush in.

  4. Jazz says:

    This is really funny when u consider that he is/was engaged to model. No offense, but the whole purpose of a model is about what you look like and your size. So since he is into dating models why would expect someone who is looking to “build” something.

  5. Thwanna says:

    I think that he has a different look on things, as far as the fact that our generation dnt know how to build than he is right but most dnt know how to do that or afraid its alot that goes with that i think but i feel like it also gotta deal with the person, i mean me myself thats what im looking for someone who is going to be with me through whatever, who i can talk to bout whatever, not afraid to be myself with, someone i can actually grow with,etc i always say if i could take a MAN frm the 50’s thats my age and start a relationship b/c they have a different respect for Marriage, Love, Women, Family

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