pepsimax Angry Black Woman In Pepsi Max Commercial

If you watched the Big Game last night you may have noticed the humorous commercials that were played in between the great game between Green Bay and Pittsburgh. However, not everyone saw one particular Pepsi Max commercial as funny, but more as being offensive into reading into the “Angry Black Woman” stereotype.

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  1. Mz Phoenix says:

    People need to lighten the hell up. If we keep getting offended by every little thing we’ll never get ahead.

  2. DJ Skins says:

    I didn’t find it offensive! If the white girl was Hispanic or African American, would be be having this conversation? The man looked at another woman with his woman right there and she missed with the can. Should white people be mad she got knocked out? Big deal out of nothing. Let it go people!

  3. Yizrael says:

    nothing about it is funny, i just do not think its a good look for African Americans.. i mean why the black lady have to be angry?? are all black women angry? and just by coinsedence the lady hes checking out is a white girl?? i mean cmon yall.. we need to wake UP!! we are not in position to be taking jokes, lets get serious about our image NOW!

  4. kev_campbell says:

    Whew that was hilarious!!!! No, I don’t find it it offensive. I like the stereotypical strength and conviction aka “ANGER” of black women. The end of the commercial does teeter on a touchy subject of white women taking or black men leaving good black women for white women. However its no secret that many black women are rightfully bothered by that. So I have no problems with this Commercial. I just wish i saw it on sunday.

  5. Ms. Jenee2U says:

    LLS… ROTDF…. I think it’s funny as all outdoors and I’m a black WOMAN… not girl…:-) In all honesty; it would have been funny if she was any race… Especially when she pushed his head in the plate… OMG… PRICELESS! It’s women out here that act in that manner… if you don’t… don’t take it personal… this reminds me of TuPac saying… all women aren’t B’s but it is some B’s out there…. People really need to look at what really is important…. TV isn’t real…. even reality TV… if you know this… live by this… things; good or bad wouldn’t phase your everyday stride in life….. Just my thoughts…. Nothing I say is GOD its just how I feel!

  6. The Dude says:

    Reverse the roles and then ask if it’s racist. It would have been more accurate if Tiger Woods was the guy.

  7. Candi Paige says:

    i think it would have been more funny if they had a beautiful black women as the jogger.. Im just saying!

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