Was SNL’s Nicki Minaj “Bride of Blackenstein” Skit Offensive?

snl Was SNLs Nicki Minaj Bride of Blackenstein Skit Offensive?

Rapper [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Nicki Minaj[/lastfm] made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.  One of the skits she did was a parody of 70s Blaxploitaion movies called “Bride of Blackenstein”.  Some are saying the skit was offensive to Black women. What do you think? Watch for yourself and decide…


One Comment

  1. litaboo says:

    It was DUMB!!

  2. tightshipper says:

    Folks need to lighten up! That joint was funny

  3. Lisa says:

    I think it was funny yal need to leave her alone

  4. autumn M says:

    i thoght it was cute and funny.. lol lighten up people DAMN!!

  5. lily says:

    I actually thought it was pretty funny and stupid.. As a black woman I was not offended at all. I think it was all in good fun.. So people yes give her a break and stop looking for a reason to hate…

  6. Alonna says:

    I thought that was funny, our race needs to learn when to just laugh sometimes…I saw nothing wrong with that skit.

  7. uptownArty says:

    We need to stop misfocusing on comedy, and start focusing the world!! Too many real issues that need this kind of attention that DONT get it!!!!!

    1. Dave Washington II says:

      NOW!!! Someone that GETS IT!!!
      uptownArty is one of us who is in short supply, and SORELY NEEDED. Why do we get on each other and not what really needs our attention. Is it that it is easier to hate, than to EXCELL!?

  8. John says:

    It’s just COMEDY.

  9. get over it says:

    So the video is funny as hell; now tell at some point in we all have run up on a sister with kind of tude. So people get over it.

  10. Michael says:

    Where is the joke in Comedic Satire when people get offended by it? IT”S JUST CCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. karina says:

    SNL hasn’t been that funny as of late, so I enjoyed the sketch and got a good laugh. Nikki did a great job. Don’t understanding why people are always looking for something to hate on!!?!

  12. Dave Washington II says:

    I am VERY Afro-Centric. However, I found the skit to be artfully done (in keeping with the BLAXPLOITATION ERA). Those women who (erroneously) find Ms. Minaj’s portrayal of the bride of the monster, may see a bit of themselves in the bride. Take it ALL in, and don’t pick it apart because you don’t understand. We call each other N***ER, and no one finds THAT offensive?
    UMM, UMM, UMM!!!

    1. dmarie says:

      I take issue with your statement that “We call each other n***er and no one finds THAT offensive” . Many of us DO find that offensive. If we do not treat ourselves in a respectful fashion, how can we expect others to do the so.

  13. teelicious says:

    I wasn’t offended at all as a black woman. I think that when you have black people making fun of themselves its not a bad thing. We all have things that can be made fun of…white, black, asian, etc. now if there were no black people in the skit, I might have a problem in it. i think all of the black actors realized it was just comedy and thats why they decided to participate. Lighten up!

  14. J.R. says:

    IT WAS DUMB… but it was funny because that’s how some black women ACT… lol.. but whatever.. ON 2 the NEXT ONE!!

  15. Eric E says:

    I LMAO, very funny

  16. Eric E says:

    This skit made fun of blacks, whites, men, and women. Its showed how superficial men (black & white) are when it come to a big butt and a pretty face. Its also pick fun of white women not having any butt and it showed black women being overbearing. BLUF it was funny

  17. Darrin says:

    I love how black comedians make white jokes all day but when a black joke is made their is controversy. Its a JOKE in this day and age their is barely any issues with racism I see more mixxed kids then asian

  18. katrina says:

    Nah i didn’t like it all. I just get tired of that stereotype being portrayed OVER and OVER. It’s not even funny anymore. It’s gotten to the point that ppl dont see it as a stereotype anymore, but the truth.

  19. D-rrrin says:

    I love how black comedians make white jokes all day but when a black joke is made their is controversy. Its a JOKE in this day and age their is barely any issues with racism I see more mixxed kids then asian

  20. Nick says:

    people get upset about every little thing these days. everyone’s too politically correct. this was one of, if not, the funniest sketches in the episode…and one of my favorites this entire year.

  21. Jrock says:

    I thought it was pretty good…I laughed. Not anymore offensive than old In Living Color skits. Miss Minaj was funny too… At least SNL got one right this time!

  22. LeSans says:

    I didn’t see a problem with the skit at all. I’m coming up on 50 years old, and enjoyed it. Only insecure people appear to have problems with it. I’m not a Minaj fan, but, it’s comedy ya’ll, Get a grip!

  23. marvin says:

    I thought it was funny. Everything is not about black and white.

  24. Egypt says:

    ohhhh this was sooooooooooo funny & I needed the giggle lol… dont find this offensive at all, with the way the world is turning for the worst I think this skit can get a PASSSSSSSS!

  25. D Nice says:

    Man we listen to Waka Flaka all day, but then turnaround and complain about this? People need to lighten up. Plus, I didn’t even know SNL was still on.

  26. Donta says:

    What`s offensive about it? Some of this apply`s to black woman and men SORRY and iam a black male.

  27. Dee says:

    I’m not a Nicki Minaj fan, however, people need to stop trippin. The skit was funny and she did a good job. Give her some credit, stop being so negative.

  28. khalida says:

    its was good yall need to leave my wifey alone for really stop hatein ppl

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