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I don’t know how much more of Mrs. Palin the people can take before someone reads her dooooown! What does that mean? Well, whenever you spew something out of your mouth, you never want it to return to you void. With that being said please listen to what Sarah says and let me know your thoughts. The Arizona shooter has been thrown in jail no bail. So in light of the tragedy, many have been pointing fingers at one woman they feel is responsible for all of this. Sarah Palin.

On January 8, the shooter, who I don’t feel like mentioning his name, mentally made the note that he should take matters in his hands. Literally. 6 dead. Many wounded. Seems that map of the USA SP posted on a social site, covered in cross-hairs, targeted the areas and politicians that supported the new health care reform. SMH

One of those supporters wounded in the fatal Arizona shooting just so happened to be Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. I recently found out that she is related to actress Gwyneth Paltrow. GG was shot in the head during the spray of bullets. At this time she is still in our prayers as she recovers.

After viewing her “it ain’t my fault” video, poll your decision. I already have my MOpinion on SP so I’ll stay neutral.

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  1. Anthony Meadors says:

    I find Sarah Palin’s response a self-condeming example of how the guilty condemn debate and also reveal the error of their ways. She ended up denouncing herself, while negating her own chances to run for President in 2012. I ask her to read more, and keep her mouth shut. She chose to abandon the service of her state, and she should abandon all political commentary and focus on her other job, TV model. I mean, why did she wear heavy pink lip gloss and a thin pink choker?

  2. linda myles says:

    I think Sarah Palin is straight up stupid. She has caused a whole lot of crazies along with that fat fool Rush Limbaugh to come out of the wood works with guns, ignorance, and stupidity. She needs to sit down and forget about running for anything. Do I personally think its her fault these fool are out with hate in their heart against democrats yes…I do anybody in there right mind who thinks about considering, endorsing helping her run president needs their head examined.
    Now she wants to change her tune…havent she heard words are worth alot…and people who are still upset we have a black president are takinv e erything coming out her face to heart. A 9 year old girl along with other life is no more.

  3. Lisa Humphrey says:

    I don’t think Sarah Palin is to blame for this particular crazy persons actions but with that being said she needs to go back to Alaska and put her brain back on ice. The more she thaws out the more stupid she is. I agree that some of the things that she says can have a big influence on her followers but I think this guy was just plan crazy on his own. But let me get back to my point like I said before the more that brain of hers thaws out the more crazy she’s going to talk. Then we can say it will be the crazy leading the crazy and all fingers can point to her. Right now she’s borderline so stop given her airtime because I can’t stand that voice of hers she’s about to drive my ass crazy.

  4. Conway Humphrey says:

    The reason I say she is to blame is because if you preach to a crowd long enough they will come to believe and react to the words that they have heard. Like,reload,target,take our country back, take their government back.She sounds like a cult leader. What about this Tea Party mess. This sounds like a racist movement to me “We the people” Who is she talking about. You never heard anything like this until there was a black man in the White House. And that’s my “Freedom Of Speech”

  5. DVG says:

    I hope that she has ruined any chance that she will be able to announce a run for the presidency in 2012. smh

    1. Lisa Humphrey says:

      “On the Real” When you post maps with crosshairs on it and targets being the different states, What does she think that means? If you can not give a speech without using words that promote violence then you should not be allowed to speak expecially to the world. As our leaders we are expecting them to protect us as Americans and not have us fighting among ourselves. From the reports I have been seeing on television they say this type of Rhetoric has been apart of the Republican Party for years. I believe in what Obama says “It’s Time for A Change”

  6. K. Fraser says:

    What will it take for American to stand up to the out-right foolish behavior that our so call leader. What will it take for someone to shut this lady up. Why is there no talks in reference to making Sarah Palin pay for what she has done to the poor victim. The response that she has posted has done nothing to help her, and Fox news has done everything to block other from posting her faults in reference to the issue.

  7. K. Fraser says:

    Someone tell Fox news,”Let not down play this issue, and stop taken sides”.

    1. Conway Humphrey says:

      Fox News is Sarah Palins Pimp, her and that Rush Limbaugh!!!

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