jpk My top Artist spotlight: John P. Kee
If you have ever heard of Lil’ Mo, be clear had it not been for the gospel extraordinaire/husband/father/pastor/ John P. Kee, there would me no Lil’ Mo. Find out why I am so hype about his new album, The Legacy Project in stores January 18, 2011.
I remember 17 years ago, the pivotal moment of my life. Even though we are family, nothing will just be handed to you. Everything you want in life you must work for. I grabbed the mic, with all eyes on me, I went innnnn. That was the day I let Cindy chill and let Lil’ Mo begin. Had it not been for that closed, invite only rehearsal and audition, I would just be the girl still in the choir who was afraid to lead her first song at 4 years old. That fear became my fire. I attribute that invite into the music industry totally to my uncle John P. Kee. He took me in, when I didn’t stand a chance anywhere else. He believed in the God in me, when I couldn’t see it for myself.

He is legendary, and for that I am very proud that he has announced that although God and family are his priority, his music is his passion. The new album “The Legacy Project” is a must have!! The list of features got me shouting in my seat as I type this. Lol

If you love good singing, real lyrics, and no watered down version of the unmitigated gospel truth, please support the man who has nurtured and helped so many careers, we owe him his just due. So just do it, on Tuesday January 18, 2011 get the album.


*drops mic*

Here’s the track listing of the album: title jpk My top Artist spotlight: John P. Kee

  1. LaDell Beamon says:

    I want to add to this…. We have a nationaly book out called “How The Hood Was Healed”… I had to put in print along with 14 children that worte this book how powerful the presence of God working through Pastor John P. Kee is. Listening to his music met me at a point of suicide. His ministry through his music is always a real experience for me. We are Heal The Hood Foundation Of Memphis will be getting 12 copies of The Legacy Project! Gotta love Him!

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