nerd The Ingenuity And Alternative Landscape Of N*E*R*D

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Each week our friends at Street Date review brand new albums that have just dropped.  This week they review The Best of N*E*R*D. Before you break out your credit card, fire up your iTunes or rifle through your best friend’s CD collection, read this first.

The captivating qualities of [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]N*E*R*D[/lastfm] can be found in their mysterious name (“No-One Ever Really Dies”) and their electric sound infused with elements of rock, funk and hip hop. They have had an evolutionary journey, one that has had its share of reincarnation and yet their sound has never completely “died.” N*E*R*D possesses a postmodern and pivotal sound that has captured and secured a broad and devoted fan base.  This week the epic group has released The Best Of  N*E*R*D.

With the release of their The Best Of  N*E*R*D, the group brings a collection of hits, singles, b-side songs and remixes.

And within this musical smorgasbord lies the creativity, ingenuity and influence they have had on music.

Deep, layered and textured lyrics are wrapped in high-energy, “club-bangin” and piercing beats. For example, in the song, “Lapdance” one hears a message of irony with a rap-infused backdrop:

“I’m just straight ill! Ridin my motorcycle down the streets
While politicians–is soundin like strippers to me
They sayin, but I don’t wanna hear it…
Oooh baby you want me?
Well you can get this lap dance here for free…”

The compilation includes other hits such as “She Wants To Move ” and “Rockstar.” As you listen, one is reminded of the poignancy and astute task N*E*R*D has taken to deflate the balloon of pop culture with music that lyrically pierces and rhythmically captivates.

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]N*E*R*D[/lastfm], being formed by [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]The Neptunes [/lastfm]’ [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Pharrell[/lastfm] Williams and  Chad Hugo with  Shae Haley, stand on the cliffs of good taste and good sense only to jump and delve into new sound landscapes.

The Best Of  N*E*R*D is a must have for that inner soul in each of us that longs for earnest interest, appreciation, focus, alignment and music with messages that make us look sideways at the world and its people…sometimes…

The Best Of N*E*R*D is released on Virgin/EMI Records.

Track Listing:

1.   Rock Star [from In Search Of]
2.   Lapdance [from In Search Of]
3.   She Wants To Move [from Fly or Die]
4.   Provider [from In Search Of]
5.   Maybe [from Fly or Die]
6.   Fly or Die [from Fly or Die]
7.   Brain [from In Search Of]
8.   Thrasher [from Fly or Die]

9.   Run To The Sun [from In Search Of]
10.  Baby Doll [from In Search Of]
11.  What’s Wrong With Me [Lapdance” b-side]
12.  Lil’ Suzy feat. Kelis [Lapdance” b-side]
13.  Things Are Getting Better [from In Search Of]
14.  Truth Or Dare (featuring Kelis and Pusha T) [from In Search Of]
15.  Maybe (Sander Kleinenberg Remix – Radio Edit) [from “Maybe” single]

16.  She Wants To Move (Justice Remix) [French single version of “She Wants To Move”]

Come back each week for the reviews of the hottest albums about to hit the street by our friends at Street Date.


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