waka flocka mugshot 1 Kanye West, Tiny, G. Dep, and Wacka Flocka are in Trouble!

Some of our favorite celebs, Kanye West, Wacka Flocka Flame, Tiny, and G. Dep, are having some legal woes… Already.  Not even 10 days in to 2011! Read more under the cut….

So, I’m guessing that staying out of legal trouble was not a new year’s resolutions for some of these celebs.  Kanye West and his camp are being sued.  The lawsuit claims that his security physically assaulted photographer, Michael Vazquez, back in 2008.  Vazquez says that he was hired to shoot at Casio’s G-Shock Watch and by the end of the night, he had a dislocated shoulder because of Kanye’s camp.  Hmmm…. Tisk, Tisk.

Ohhh Wacka Flocka.  When are you not in jail?  Once again, Wacka was locked up after police raided his house last week and found hydrocodone and marijuana.  He was released after he posted a 40-thousand dollar bail.  But ummm, why did it take so long to post his bail?  He was locked up for about 2 weeks.  Hmmm… Broke rappers much?

Tiny, who loves to call into the show from time to time, is a lucky girl.  The drug possession charges Tiny faced, after being pulled over with her hubby T.I. last September, have been officially dropped.  She completed a drug diversion program in Georgia and is off the hook. Whew… that was a close one!  Who was going to take care of all of those kids??!?

And finally, rapper G. Dep who is serving time on a  murder charge, is trying to get out any way he can.  He’s asking fans and friends who know him to send letters “describing his positive character”, said his co-manager Justin “DJ M-80” Bryd.  So. If you want to support they are asking you to send letters to Dj_M-80@live.com.  He faces 25 years, so ummm… I hope it works out. Kinda.

We’ll keep you updated on all of these cases.

Comments (2)
  1. slim says:

    It just don’t make any sence when these people make all this money and people look up to them and they get out the hood and the still get into trouble with the law just don’t make any sence. You can take them out the hood but you can’t take the hood out of them.

  2. Thad says:

    Don’t know why g-dep wants too get out now. Maybe he should of thought about that first before he turned himself in for a crime that the police had no suspects for and that happened what 13 years ago?. Just sayin

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