What A Cute Lil’ Princess Boy… What?!

princessboy What A Cute Lil Princess Boy... What?!

If your five year old son came up to you and said, “Mommy, I want to be a girl and dress up like them…”, what do you do??? Apparently, what one mother decided to do sparked a debate.

She let her child be who he wanted to be. If her son wanted to wear dresses, skirts, and pink lip gloss at 5, then that is what she wanted to do. Check out this video of the mother Cheryl Kilodavis talking about her son, Dyson, who has dubbed the name “Princess Boy”.

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One Comment

  1. ~T~ says:

    No way!! It’s one thing for her to allow him to wear pink but a dress..No.. At the age of 5 his parents should make the choice for him and he should not be allowed to make the choices on his own..he’s too young and parents should guide their kids..The decision to be whatever should be a decision his parents can let him make when he’s older not at 2 or 5..SMH

  2. My name says:

    Uh…………………………..oooooooook……she should have stuck with the REDIRECTION!!!

  3. My name says:

    THE KIDS IN FOR A LIFETIME OF SOME SERIOUS THERAPY seeing as his own parents dont want to deal with the issue and just let him do whatever he wants. Absolutely no proper guidance in this family.

  4. me says:

    Proof you are born gay. I wouldn’t let him wear dresses tho…he can do that when he is older. Do I think he will have issues growing up…no. He will most likely juss go thru the torment other gay teens go thru. This shouldn’t bother people..its their business.

    1. Suga says:

      Exactly @ me…… if he is not allowed to be who he is now then when… who is society to dictate how this parent should handle this… People need to get their heads out of the sand and face reality. The fact is that people are born gay and we should accept them for who they are and not judge!!!! # onewomansopinion

      1. ~T~ says:

        To support someone that is gay has nothing to do with putting your 5 year old son in a dress. I don’t even see gay men wearing dresses. Do you think a man in a dress is acceptable in the work place? I surely haven’t seen it unless they’ve had the operation to change their sex. Come on!! It’s one thing to express yourself when you are at an age to do so but putting a little boy (5 years old) in a dress has gone too far..

  5. Treena says:

    WOW! Even the father is down with this? They are Black too! I’m sorry I just can not get down with this. There is no way my 5 year old SON is going to tell me he is wearing girl clothing & shoes. SMDH

  6. Stever says:

    I don’t think anyone can judge what is right and what is wrong. Unfortunately for the child, there will be obvious social problems and societal integration issues. I applaude diversity, though.

  7. drezzle(hill rd al day) says:

    At the age of 5 his parents should be making the rules not him.I mean in the video the father looked to be a stand up kinda guy,how did he let this go on like this its one thing to let a kid be free spirited but you dont let it go that far because what they are doing know is damaging him 4life.so when he turn 13 he is going to be a mess because his parents led him in the wrong direction in life at a young age and when he comes out of the closet when he 16,17 they should all ready no why he like this.ima pray for the family one love yall.DREZZLE(HILL RD ALL DAY)

  8. Steve says:

    Who is anyone to judge? The child will have obvious social integration issues, but that is their business. I applaud the parents and hope they all have the strength to go against judgement.

  9. Leah Layne says:

    Next, she would be taking him to the Endocrinologist, so he can start puberty blockers and opposite sex hormone therapy, so he can truly transform into a young lady. The trouble with that is that most children who think they are the opposite sex, change their minds during puberty as their brain catches up with their bodies. This poor child will have plenty of therapy to undergo as an adult due to his parent’s public display of his childish fantasies. I’m so glad my parent’s did not force me to be a boy when as a little girl I declared: “I wish I was a boy,” because I idolized my older brother. SMH.

  10. BRAVO... says:

    it baffles me how people get so worked up over what one finds appealing to wear. they are just clothes. he wouldnt need therapy when he grew up if people didnt make such a big deal out of it like they are doing now. its funny how people are setting him up for something that hasnt even begin to happen. u speak things into existence with words and you push them into existence with hateful actions. IF PEOPLE WOULD STOP ASSOCIATING CLOTHES WITH SEXUAL IDENTITY AND GENDER MAYBE IT WOULDNT BE AN ISSUE.

    1. ~T~ says:

      BRAVO..dresses are found in the WOMEN & GIRLS section..duh!!

    2. Steve says:

      I applaud your response!

      1. Steve says:

        I meant the response from BRAVO

  11. shay says:

    This is surreal especially because it is an african american couple. But if they feel like they are doing the right thing who am i to question it. If it was my son I dont know what I would do. That little boy is braver than alot of adults I know. He knows what is right from wrong for men to wear. But he wants to be himself. However the question is does he want to be a girl or be a guy who wears women clothes?

  12. tammy fulton says:

    I think it is TERRIBLE!!! I can appreciate a child wanting to explore his imagination and be attracted to bright things, but for the mother to actually publish a book about it and shop him around on talk shows is ridiculous! As a parent with a child with a vivid imagination it is OUR JOB to create and enforce boundaries! My son is autistic, he is 9 with a learning level of a 6yr old and he is very hyperactive. He gets fixated on things all the time! For 4 years he thought he was the Hulk and wanted to paint his body green, everyday I was scrubbing green paint from school off this wild child! I had to explain to him that the Hulk was not real, and real people don’t have green skin. Now he thinks he is Buzz Lightyear! He wore a space costume for a WEEK after Halloween. I let him do it because it made him happy, BUT eventually I had to make him take it off, and explained to him that costumes are for play and not everyday wear! I say this to say, children are very impressionable, they will listen to adults and the adults in this situation, need to take control and let this boy know that dresses are for GIRLS! If he want to play in a dress, let him do so at home in moderation,. And when he gets old enough to say he wants to wear a dress it should be the same time he is old enough to vote and make other adult decisions in his life, not now as a little boy! h=Why should other parents have to deal with explaining to their kids why some boy in class is wearing a dress to kindergarten? Isn’t growing up hard enough without the confusion of sexuality and gender roles in grade school? What happened to innocence and simplicity at that age, There needs to be a line drawn in this one and that is all!

    1. ~T~ says:

      Love your explanation Tammy Fulton!! I totally agree!!

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