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50 Cent

We all know that 50 Cent is a hustler that will do anything for money, but I think his latest business plan has gone a little bit to far.This past weekend’s blizzard was a headache for many people in the tri-state area… except for [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]50 Cent[/lastfm] it seems. The mountains of snow must have looked like giant, Scrooge McDuck sized piles of money for the Queens MC as he offered to shovel neighbors’ driveways for $100 in his Connecticut neighborhood.“I’m going out to shovel snow and see if I can make me a few extra dollars today,” said 50 Cent as he took to his twitter, posting pics of him shoveling out people’s cars. “I want a hundred dollars per house. I bet anybody I’ll make a grand moving snow today.”It’s interesting to see that Fiddy is not above doing these blue-collar jobs, and turning himself into a real life “Mr. Plow”. Hey, I guess you gotta pay those bills somehow if the records ain’t sellin’.Here are all of his brilliantly worded tweets:http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19438854306009088http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19444154522144768http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19445176493670400http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19449370487296000http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19450446254968832http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19453857692127232http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19454582711123968http://twitter.com/50cent/status/19456132493877249


Mr. Plow Commercial (The Simpsons)


50 Cent “Hustler Ambition


What do YOU think about Fiddy’s new winter business plan? Let us know in the comments section below…

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  1. ray says:

    I think its great even though he`s rich he letting people know if u get off ur ass its so simple to make money but people cry broke or nobody giving them a chance there u have it, its money out here folks u just got to want it no excuses (and he paid little kids 30 dollars an hour to help) GET ON UR GRIND

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