NYC on-air jock suspended..

cipha sounds NYC on air jock suspended..
Some people will never learn, that no matter your opinion you still have to remain a pro. When you offend a race, and women, that is the ultimate NO-NO. Find out what DJ Cipha Sounds of one of the nation’s top morning shows said on-air, that got him suspended indefinitely. Then let me know if you think his apology is sincere.

This is the comment he made that had the whole Haitian community in an uproar and they want him fired for the insensitivity “the reason I’m HIV negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.”

You know what, I’ma be real, this is why I follow the steps of Oprah. I watch as she meshes her opinion and keeps it politically, socially, and morally intact. Of course, offenses will come, but WOE by whence they come. There are times when you just need to be silenced, and this is one of them. In my MOpinion.

After you view the video, hop on the poll and let me know ya thoughts.

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One Comment

  1. gayle hines bartee says:

    it doesn’t matter if you was joking or not you shouldn’t have said it in the first place. My mom always said if you have nothing good to say then don’t say nothing at all. the best one she told me was bite your tongue and hold your breathe and walk away. JUST FOR THE RECORD quote AND YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW THIS….” IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE OR RACE AIDS OR HIV COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE INCLUDING YOU” just be careful of what you say and how you say it. basically in a word think before you speak. as far as you firing him and is his apology sincere i say no to firing him and his apology wasn’t sincere it was more or less i need to do what i have to do to keep my job. i am not heartless i would give him another chance but put him on probation for 90 days.

  2. Ms. Jones says:

    We are so quick to crucify people. Did we put this much effort into ole boy calling the basketball players nappy headed hoes or ole boy who told Tiger Woods not to bring friend chicken to the ceremony. My opinion is not to condone what Cipher sounds said; it was tasteless and far from funny. However, WE (yall know who WE are) are so quick to try to ruin a brother/sister’s life when it’s in our own back yard, yet WE do nothing when someone of the “majority” race gets reckless. I don’t even listen to Hot 97 so I’m not defending him at all, but give him a chance. DAMN! He screwed up. Lesson learned. He has to grow up.

    1. ~T~ says:

      I like this Ms. Jones…We are always quick to want the worst for our people yet society let others say whatever with a slap on the wrist. Hopefully this is a lesson learned & No, he should not loose his job.

  3. Davon says:

    ok how come all ur options are negative not one positive option to vote for and i agree with Ms.Jones

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