10 Greatest “Whip My Hair” Tribute Videos

willow smith 10 Greatest Whip My Hair Tribute Videos

[lastfm]Willow Smith[/lastfm]’s “Whip My Hair” is a bonafide hit.  It cracked the Top 20 on Billboard’s R&B Chart, received unprecedented play on MTV and is guaranteed to be burned into your brain by the time you finish reading this post. People love it.  They love it so much they’re making fan videos… really, really ridiculous fan videos. The team at Radio.com’s Top 10 scoured the internet and found the craziest clips.  Sit back, shave your lower skull and watch the 10 Greatest “Whip My Hair” Fan Videos.First, check out the video that started it all.

1. MattyBRapps “Think it’s a neck spasm?” That’s what one of the boys asks while watching an army of seven-year-old girl’s whipping their hair back and forth. With over million views on YouTube, this video is destined to become a classic.2. Chang ChangTwelve-year-old Alissa aka “Chang Chang” wears her dance choreography influences on her sleeves. [lastfm]Rihanna[/lastfm], [lastfm]Beyonce[/lastfm], [lastfm]Ciara[/lastfm]–your slick ways are being watched and learned! Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres, Chang Chang’s  sharp moves are garnering some attention.3. Snooki When not doing the fist-pump at the club, the Snooks likes to whip her hair guidette style–with the pooch, of course.4. Mec Jagger’s Mash-up Of “Whip My Hair” And Sesame Street’s “I Love My Hair”Too bad this isn’t an official video produced by the folks at Sesame Street.  It’s still pretty amazing. To see the original “I Love My Hair” click here.5. JamJamBigLow’s “Pat My WeaveDon’t pat the weave too hard.  It might just fall off.6. The Original “Whip My Hair” Video By AJRabbitx2 According the clip’s description, creator ajrabbit couldn’t help but release his own “Whip My Hair” video before Willow Smith did. The result?  One dood wiggin’ out in his underwear. Don’t worry, this video is PG13.7. Rusty Daughtery’s “Whip My Hair” Even street rebels like to whip their hair… er… weave.8. “Whip My Hair” by JoeHeg14YouTubers are concerned bout Joe Heg 14 and his friend. Just read comments like “How do these kids swing their heads back and forth like that and not break their necks?”9. Beyonce ‘Whip My Hair” Remix From BeyonceDailyBeyonce is the queen of hair whipping. ‘Nough said.10. “Whip My WigBy AfricanoBoiShowIf you got this far, you either a) love the song or b) your ears are bleeding. Either way, check out this amazing last video featuring “Whip My Hair” on acid.Once you recover from whip lash, be sure to come back each Wednesday for another great list from Radio.com’s Top 10.


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  1. ashleigh says:

    i love the last one and the beyonce video

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