T.I. Fans Go Hard To Keep Him Out Of Jail

tipfans T.I. Fans Go Hard To Keep Him Out Of Jail

[lastfm]T.I.[/lastfm] has the most loyal fans ever!!! A group that call themselves “Citizens of the State of Atlanta Georgia” *side eye* had filed court papers on T.I.’s behalf to put him in rehab instead of jail.

A judge sentences T.I. to 11 months in jail for violating his probation after being caught with drugs on him and in his system, and then all kinds of people come out the woodworks to help his case.

The mystery group has filed court papers on behalf of T.I hoping to save him from going to jail. It’s so sad that many of the people didn’t do too well in English class because the writing is just sad, but look what they wrote…

“More importantly however, is the fact that taxpayer’s money ought not to be wasted to pay the expense to incarcerate a Defendant at the whelm of a Probation Officer and/or an Assistant U. S. Attorney, when, as in this case, other appropriate remedies are available as an alternative to incarceration; otherwise, this case would only be an example of the reason prisons are over-crowded and explains recidivism.”

The “Citizens of the State of Atlanta Georgia” also defends T.I.’s drug use saying that physicians “has prescribed” opiates for pain and other illnesses, thus making it an improper basis for incarceration.


“Second, even if Mr. Harris did submit to a drug screen via urinalysis that returned positive for opiates, however, Physicians since the nineteenth century has prescribed opiates for pain. They were also widely prescribed, however, for cough, diarrhea, dysentery, and a host of other illnesses. Thus, anyone on federal Probation who are prescribed opiates by a Physician for pain and then test positive for it in a Probation Office setting would find themselves incarcerated, which, again, would not be a proper basis to find a violation of probation.”

Of course no one in T.I.’s camp knows who this group is or who are the members.

After all of their hard work T.I. is still headed to jail. He must surrender to authorities on November 1st.


One Comment

  1. immuska621 says:

    It is sad to see him go back to jail; but, it you do the crime you gotta to the time.

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