Waka Flocka Wants More From His Listeners

wakaflockaflame Waka Flocka Wants More From His Listeners

[lastfm]Waka Flocka Flame[/lastfm] wants his concertgoers and listeners to do more with their life. He wants them to go out and make it big in “real” careers and stop trying to be a ballplayer or a rapper. Hmmm…???

These are his exact words…

I’m not tryin to be Martin Luther King or Malcolm X, but why go to school to be a f*****g rapper or a g*****n ballplayer, or a sports player? N***a, you can be an astronaut. N***a, you can be a lawyer. You can be an engineer. You ain’t gotta be no rapper. Real talk, my n***a. Get a long-term career man. Real s**t.

Why can’t I take this guy seriously???


One Comment

  1. Maxwell says:

    He needs to hire a strong and reputable PR Agent.

  2. Lotoya C. says:

    I heard “if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”! Keeping that in mind, I think it’s a good thing that Flocka feels this way, even if people may look at it as hypocritical. More artists (whether your talent be music, instrumental, or ball playing) should let this be known because realistically, your chances of “making it” are so few and at times the pay out does not seem worth it. I think, most importantly, what he’s trying to say is that education is important. Education can open up doors for you that you can’t imagine where you can one day be that backbone to multiple stars which means making even more money in the music and sport industries, if not, at the very least teaching children or becoming an “engineer” that can give back to his community, especially if impoverished, to help more children become these stars when government funding would not allow it or even give them the opportunity because of their low-income environment. However, you- Flocka, need to expect more of yourself! As a public figure now, you can’t put out music that has cursing in every line just about or some negative connotation or even ni##a this ni##a that! How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when your self image is not portraying a positive message overall? As you’ve learned (hopefully) in the industry, it’s all about presentation. Start with “the man in the mirror” now that you have this catalyst that can be used to reach the world!

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