screen shot 2010 09 10 at 11 21 06 pm Fantasia Breaks Down When Asked About Her Daughter (Video)

[lastfm]Fantasia[/lastfm]¬†appeared today on The Wendy Williams show and broke down when asked if she thought about her during when attempting to commit suicide. Watch her emotional answer…

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  1. Tonya Reid says:

    Everybody makes mistakes and she is right. People on the outside only see the fame but they don’t see the stress and hardship that comes along with it. Fantasia will overcome whatever storm that came her was and will bounce back.

  2. Fantasia. I used to be a hardcore fan but I’m sorry. I don’t believe you. You need more people. When Wendy asked you about your daughter, you asked for a box of tissues, WAITED for the set director to bring them to you, and then suddenly cried on que. You attempted to commit suicide less than a month ago, but you are mentally stable enough to be kee-keeing it up on the sofa with Wendy? Tricks are for kids girl.

  3. Michelle Callwood says:

    This is my second post, the first on FB and again, I’m sorry but Fantasia is not keeping it real. She was doing dirt and it caught up with her. She was taking care of her family long before she met this married man, so don’t blame it on the family, the fame nor the music industry, It is what is is and Karma finally came to pay you a visit. Crocidile tears were all I seen.

  4. sudbrook7 says:


  5. j-mac says:

    Is she sincere? We will never know. Everybody makes mistakes and people on the outside is looking in. She is crying out for help and noone is there to help her. I hope everything works out for her!

  6. Katrina says:

    Everyone is a lil blind when in love. I say shame on him, not her, for allowing a women to fall in love w/ him , when he wasn’t available. A happily married man should have made himself more unavailable. Marriages everywhere are falling apart. Who’s to say she didn’t honestly think they were over? She’s guillty of falling for a dog. Keep ur head up, Fantasia.

  7. ashleigh says:

    wow i dont kno what to say i have alot of thoughts

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