Drama. Drama. Drama.

barnes Drama. Drama. Drama.

Remember Matt Barnes?! The Orlando Magic NBA player who was on that reality show The Basketball Wives and he was mad that the other cast members on that show were trying to give his fiancee, Gloria Govan, the nitty gritty on dating a basketball player.  There wedding date came and went without them standing at the alter because of unknown circumstances, but something happened just recently to stir the pot.

Well, your man Matt Barnes was arrested for domestic abuse…

barnes1 Drama. Drama. Drama.

Matt Barnes was booked in a Sacramento County jail last night on a domestic violence felony charge. From what the Sacramento Bee reported, Matt and a woman “who lived with him” and “with whom he had a dating relationship” got into it. The woman called 911 but the phone disconnected before she could speak leaving the operators only hearing a struggle. When the po-po got out there the “woman” and Matt both had physical injuries, but cops determined¬† him to be the primary aggressor and arrested him. He was released on $50,000 bond and is due in court on Monday.Soooo… Is the “woman” not Gloria??? If not, I don’t know what to think. Hmmm…???

One Comment

  1. Sexy Chocolate says:

    See, I beat she should’ve listen then. But Honestly, it doesn’t matter if your a Ball Player, Lawyer, CEO, or just a plain ol’ Joe. If a Man gonna cheat, there’s NOTHING that a Woman can do!

  2. Sexy Chocolate says:

    My Bad, I meant “I Bet” Lol

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