Laurence Disowns His Daughter

fishburne1 Laurence Disowns His Daughter

Some people are in shock and some people agree with Matrix star, Laurence Fishburne for disowning his daughter Montana aka Chippy D. He said he wants nothing to do with her until she turns her life around. Take your vote, do you agree???


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  1. DBROWN says:

    i can’t see how she looks just like him

  2. Nichole Garnett says:

    No one could really say what they would do unless they are walking in his shoes. I think all parents want the children or child to be the best an do there best for what life throws at them.

  3. Mz Phoenix says:

    No. Isn’t his not being around much the reason she went this route in the first place? I think instead of disowning her he needs to really talk to her and understand what’s going on in her head. They need to re salvage their relationship as father and daughter not sever it. She’s still young and needs her daddy to guide her.

  4. Rachel Newman says:

    I think its his choice. Just like she made a choice to do the tape (which really could have been done way better). But I think that she should have at least told him about what she was going to do and that she should not have used her real name. Blindsiding him – whether he is “famous” or not – was not cool.

  5. MsCreative1 says:

    That Pumper dude, turn that girl out!…

  6. Chocolate Delight says:

    You love your children unconditionally. He should spend more time trying to see why his daughter felt the need to do porn. Apparently something is lacking in her and their relationship.

  7. Just_Tab says:

    Damn all the phsycological evaluations. I’m so tired of people supporting their children when the child is in the wrong. He didn’t say he didn’t love her, he said until she gets her life together, he won’t support her decisions. He DOESN’T have to support her porn career (if you can call it a career). What ya’ll want him to drop her at work, have a father, daughter day at the office and then take her home! Come on! It’s so ridiculous how we’ve been conditioned to feel like you have to support BS! Just like you have Kendra and the Kardashians. They’re all hoes and not once do you see their parents trying to guide them in the right direction. Heck, they’re too busy trying to get a piece of the pie!

    The even sadder thing is that young girls feel they have to make porn inorder to make a name for themselves, because that’s how so many other women have made it in the entertainment industry. The Paris Hilton’s, the Kardashians, Kendra and the list goes on and on!! High priced hoes!

    1. karen says:

      Damn…I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I am so tired of society using the fact that parents aren’t in their childs lives, and this is why they turn out the way they do, when this isn’t usually the truth. He is an actor, i’m sure he spent quality time with his daughter, i’m sure she had the opportunity to visit him when time allowed. I’m certain she enjoyed every aspect of his money, she wasn’t that distraught…hmm…certainly not. Others commented that he should make an attempt to talk to her, well who says he didn’t, perhaps she made her decision and this is the reason for his reaction. I certainly feel that if my daughter went into this life, I would give her the opportunity to get out, but if this is what she chooses, I think I would take the same stand as Fishburne…

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