Alicia Keys Takes Shots

moz screenshot 1 Alicia Keys Takes Shotsalicia keys black white Alicia Keys Takes Shots

Alicia Keys takes shots at a fellow R&B artists can you guess who??? Check it out…

moz screenshot Alicia Keys Takes Shots

In an article with Elle Magazine Alicia says…

“My look isn’t plotted, like, I’m not going to have red hair because it’s a new record. It has to be genuine, not a branding concept.”

Hmmm…??? Is she talking about Rihanna???

rihanna red hair 34 Alicia Keys Takes Shots


One Comment

  1. Wanda says:

    Alicia needs to STFU wit her homewreckin ass!!! Sit down and focus on being pregnant and how you ruined someone’s marriage. How genuine…

  2. A.B. says:

    I respect her statement, because out of many of the female R&B artists, Alicia has kept a more natural look to her. Alicia is right, Rihanna does change her hairstyle quite frequently, and yes it is safe to say that it is a way promote her new album. I think that a lot of things that Rihanna has done is just for show. If Rihanna never changed her appearance from simplistic to a fashion icon, she would not have gained as many fans as she has in the past few years. It wasn’t until her second album that she went through a major make over and her music sored through the charts. Her first album was in the Billboard top 200; however her second album made it to the Billboard top 5. So there is some significance to Alicia’s statement referring to Rihanna changing her hair for her new album.

  3. Pretty Brown Eyez says:

    I don’t think it is a problem with changing your style everytime you come out with a new album. People dye there hair all of the time. I don’t think she does it for a new image every album. I think she does it for a new look. Eventhough Alicia hasn’t done a major change like coloring her hair, but she doesn’t rock the corn rows like she used too.. If she was still rockn that style I think people would have something to say about her…

  4. A.W. says:

    I have lost ALL respect her Alicia Keys. If she doesn’t want to change her hair color, fine, but she needs to keep her mouth closed…she has done enough talking and and damage as it is. She has completely contradicted her music (i.e. woman’s worth), and HELPED finish off another womans marriage. Regardless if they were having issues, she should have waited until they were legally divorced. What a loser.

  5. Natina says:

    There a lot of artists that go through a transformation before a new CD drops and that is there right to do so. If if increases your worth and your self respect, then do what you do. I have nothing against Alicia as some others do. Her personal life is just that, PERSONAL. Some ppl have a hard time understanding that it take two to ruin a marriage. You can’t blame her, you blame Him & the wife. And seeing as though you don’t know the whole story behind the marriage, everyone should stop being so small minded and judgemental!!! They had problems and he choose to pursue Alicia. Keep making the music Alicia and I will continue to be one of your biggest fans!!!

    1. juicyee says:

      I only have one thing to say and that is Karma will be knocking on her door real soon, you always get back what you put into the atmosphere.

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