Black Women Need Not Apply

chad Black Women Need Not Apply

Tell us how you really feel Mr. Ochocinco…

It seems Bengals Wide Reciever, Chad Ochocinco, doesnt want any black women on his new reality show. Click here for the full story


One Comment

  1. Anji C. says:

    So sad Ocho!

    1. lisa says:

      I absolutely cannot stand that man. I mean really? whats wit the attitude? He is a very insecure man and is ashame of his dark skin and in all honesty, it’s embarrassing to his Black race, What or how he feels about Black woman. He acts as if he is this fine ass guy, the truth is he isnt!!! Take away the money, he would be an average guy. Talk about egoes! Its great to have confidence in yourself, his behavior is simply a turn off. The only kind of woman he can attract are the groupies! Not Bragging but I get alot of attention from both sex and If I were to meet Chad, I would not pay him any attention whatsoever!!! Ochocinco??? WHATEVA? I really hope your kidding! U are not the uno, The Ochocinco u think u are? Win a superbowl before getting a swoll head! By the way Brandon Marshall jus may be one of the best recievers out here right now, Randy Moss, Desean Jackson, Ahhh…the list can go on and on…

  2. Michelle says:

    It’s unfortunate that this man feels the way he does about his own people because there are some blacks folks that think that way about other black folks and I think we at some point are guilty of it. However, we cannot hate on this man because he has a preference. It does hurt when a black man dislikes black women because we are patrayed as ghetto. I know who I am and I am not ghetto, but in the media we are patrayed that way. Our culture still has a slave mentality that light is right and black is not. All I can say is stay true to yourself and be proud that you are black. Can’t help the the skin color that God gave you. Maybe Mr. Ochocinco had issues with black girls growing up or issues with his own mother who knows, but he likes what he likes and we just have to move forward.

  3. MoUknow says:

    Really???? Pretty sure he has two “Baby Mamas” and they are black! Why hate when he is so full of LOVE? Just wrong check the facts!

  4. Shanie says:

    Sometimes ignorance cannot be measured..

  5. L.L says:

    hmmmmmmm…….he’s in trouble, u need a black girl 2 make it funny and u need some of that realness, I mean REALNESS, not fakeness

  6. L.L says:

    he’s pretty ignorant as well, u can’t discriminate against ure own kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chad kiss my ass


    I know thats right cause he likes those whores like evelyn and when he get with her he will get what he deserve hey chad can you say doctor i’m burning cause that’s whats up!!!!!

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