Kool Out Question of the Night

Do you think it’s a good idea for the American Government to legalize certain drugs in order to stimulate the economy?

dollar1 Kool Out Question of the Night

What are your thoughts????

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  1. Jessika Williams says:

    Ugh No Herkules… I don’t think they should legalize “Mary Jane” because ppl WILL NOT know how to act! Idk, ppl are still doing it even tho its not legal but I can just imagine what it would be like if it was legal to smoke it. Now I keep hearing all this stuff about the medical marijuana being legal but I really don’t know because I rarely watch the news or even read the paper..But my point is…..I have 2 boys but i am on my oldest harder than my youngest because he is already showing me signs that he’s gonna be a lil “bad a**”. If the government were to make it legal i would be the maddest person alive only because then it would be EVEN easier for youngin’s to get a hold of it. I live in a area where kids are as young as 12 and they are puffin’ away not on just maryjane,but cigarettes,and some are even snorting cocaine and that is the gods honest truth.. When i see stuff like that it only makes me think how my oldest is gonna turn out because i am a very young mother and i do the best that i can but you never know…So hell no i think all illegal drugs should remain illegal and if any of them were to ever become legal I would MAKE IT MY BUSINESS to get the heck outta this country and never come back here EVER. Now i do think that lil bill they are about to pass on the sodas and stuff is a crock of sh*t but it is what it is. All i know is that if they do tax us on that stuff i will drink water for the rest of my life or die first them ppl are outta their damn minds!

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