lisa K I S S I N G Is It Inappropriate???

There is a lot of chatter about a picture of Kim Porter and her son Quincy kissing on the lips and Lisa Raye and her daughter giving long kisses on her reality show Lisa Raye: The Real McCoy. People find it inappropriate, do you??? Check it out…

quincy kim porter K I S S I N G Is It Inappropriate???

Check out Lisa showing her daughter, Kai some love at the 1:19 mark…

DMV, inappropriate or is it just love between a mother and child???

Comments (2)
  1. KDslim says:

    Kim Porter is spoiling that boy he’s a mamas boy and u can tell she turning him into a punk he may already be 1. I don’t c anything wrong wit lisa raye kissing her daughter on the cheek.

  2. Sonji Kirk says:

    Kim Porter and her son so what, my mother slob us all down like that her way of expressing her love. Me and boys will kiss on the lips, where the kiss land, neck to the top of the head. Lisa well she acts like my mom.The difference is the age, I’m her age and her mom is my mom age. I really never thought about it, Lisa as been kissing and Has Loved that child since.

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