oz Dr. Oz's 16 Tips for Summer Weight Loss

We are forever trying to get you right for the summer.  More weight loss tips here…

See yourself looking fabulous.
Successful athletes do this all the time — before they even start a race, they picture that they’ve already crossed the finish line. So take a page from the pro-athlete playbook and before you count a single calorie, picture how successful your bathing suit reveal will be. “Visualize the first time you’ll be out at the beach, walking around with confidence,” said Dr. Oz. “You’ll have lost some of the extra pounds that make a huge difference in how you look in a bathing suit and you’re going to go out there and you’re going to look hot. Focus on how you think that will feel and shoot for that.”

Take a “before” picture in your swimsuit.
Don’t worry, no one else needs to see this, said Dr. Oz. All this picture does is give you a baseline reference point so you can see how far you’ve come when you reach your goal. Each week, take another picture in your swimsuit and compare it to the earlier ones. “As you shed the pounds, you’ll be able to see that you are steadily progressing,” said Dr. Oz. And it’s a reminder that while you won’t see results overnight, you will see progress.

Hang your favorite summer outfit where you’ll see it every day.
Buy something sexy, or dig out an old favorite that you’ve longed to fit into again, then put it in a prominent place so that your goal of wearing it stays top of mind. “It’s an empowering visual cue,” he said. “As your weight comes off, try it on periodically to see how much better it’s looking on you.”

Let your family in on what you’re up to.
Tell your co-workers. Tell everyone about your weight-loss mission. Use Facebook to update your status and tweet about the fat you’re losing. “Telling people is an insurance policy,” explained Dr. Oz. Not only will friends and family lend support and cheer you on, either with encouraging “You can do its!” and “Looking goods!” or at least keep the donuts and pizza out of your face. “Accountability is a spectacular motivator,” said Dr. Oz. “If everyone knows what you’re up to, you’ll stay on track simply to avoid the embarrassment of not reaching your goal.”

Kick off your efforts with a token gift to yourself.
It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive — a pair of quality walking shoes, a pedometer, a nice workout outfit, even an iTunes gift card so you can download your favorite workout tracks. The idea is that now, you’re invested in yourself. “This kick-starts the psychology of change,” he said. “At this point, you’re no longer planning to lose weight, you’re actively doing it!”
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